Metro Bus


Metro bus

Metro Bus  — Panama has a new bus system for transportation throughout the city (known as MetroBus).  Before this service came along, locals got around through colourful, independently-operated buses known as “diablos rojos” – or “red devils”, that looked similar to the ones seen in neighbouring Colombia.

Metrobus fare is .25 cents throughout the city and $1.25 for routes that use the corredor (these routes will say Corredor Sur or Norte on the bus). So if you just need routes in the city, a $5 Metrobus card (which you can buy at any local grocery store or drug store) lasts you a long time.

MetroBus has routes along the north and south corridors that offer roads for faster traffic, to be able to reach your destination more quickly. This system of bus routes is efficiently organized, resulting in reduced wait times at bus stops and a guaranteed bus frequency, making your trip reliable.  See the Metrobus website for more info, including routes: