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1985 Restaurant

Restaurant (Calle Eusebio Morales, by Hotel Suites Las Vegas and El Panama Hotel, Panama City) – named after the year it was opened, this is a well-rated French & Swiss restaurant, and considered one of the best restaurants in Panama City.  The French specialties include lobster, fresh catch of the day, steaks, pastas and the […]


Afro-Antillean Museum

Afro-Antillean Museum (24th Street and Avenue Justo Arosemena) —  this is a small museum located on an old wooden building that resembles a church (within one of the rougher parts of Panama City), that’s dedicated to the thousands of Caribbean (mostly Jamaican & Barbadian) workers who were brought to Panama to help build the Canal.  […]


About Panama

Panama, located on an isthmus that connects North and South America, was originally settled by the Spanish during the 16th century.  The country broke away from Spanish rule in 1821, and became part of the country known as Gran Colombia for a period of time before becoming part of the Republic of Colombia later in […]



Biomuseo (Edificio 136, Calzada de Amador, Panama City) – a.k.a. Museum of Biodiversity, this multicolor structure, designed by well-known architect Frank Gehry and located at the Amador Causeway, houses a museum that focuses on the history of the isthmus and the species it engendered.  For example, the “Oceans Divided” hall highlights a pair of semi-cylindrical, […]



Panama City has plenty of taxis.  They are not metered, but each taxi has a list of standard fares (with the city divided into zones, a minimum ride is $1.50, with an additional $.50 cents added for each time the taxi crosses into another zone).. Fares go up about 20% after 10:00 pm and on […]


Metro Bus

Metro Bus  — Panama has a new bus system for transportation throughout the city (known as MetroBus).  Before this service came along, locals got around through colourful, independently-operated buses known as “diablos rojos” – or “red devils”, that looked similar to the ones seen in neighbouring Colombia. Metrobus fare is .25 cents throughout the city […]