Interoceanic Railroad

Interoceanic Railroad

Interoceanic Railroad

Interoceanic Railroad (Panama City and Colón) — Traveling from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in about 55 minutes, on the fastest train in Panama, is an unforgettable experience. Pass alongside the Panama Canal locks, see the historic Snake Cut and watch as huge ships maneuver to squeeze through the small locks. That is just the start of this beautiful journey, which also takes you through a beautifully lush tropical jungle, where you can see and feel the beauty of nature.

This wonderful trip can be combined with visits to interesting historical monuments, like San Lorenzo Fort, the Gatun Locks and the entrance to the Panama Canal on the Caribbean side. A bit of trivia: in 1913, the inter-oceanic railroad transported 2,916,657 passengers and 2,026,852 tons of cargo across the isthmus, clocking in with the heaviest traffic per mile of any railroad in the world of the time.


Getting there:

The Corozal Passenger Station on the Pacific Coast is located near Albrook.

The Atlantic Passenger Station is located at Mount Hope in the city of Colon, near the Port of Cristobal.

One-Way ticket: $25 (adult), $15 (children ages 2-12), $17.50 (seniors – Panama nations only).

Call the Panama Canal Railway Company (507-317-6070) or browse through its website for more details: